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Estuaries: Larvae Feeding - COSEE Coastal Trends

Lesson Plan 

Students play the role of feeding fish to demonstrate how striped bass larvae feed on copepods, their zooplankton prey, and how larvae are preyed upon by bigger fish.

Concept: Coastal ocean life
Coastal ocean systems provide important habitats for organisms.

National Science Education Standards
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K-12 Unifying Concepts and Processes
Evidence, models, and explanation

9-12 A Science as Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry

9-12 C Life Science
Interdependence of organisms
Matter, energy, and organization in living systems
Behavior of organisms

Ocean Literacy Essential Principles (PDF booklet): 5. The ocean supports a great diversity of life and ecosystems (concepts h, i)

Life on an Ocean Planet text reference (book link): Chapter 5, 6, and 7 A Survey of Life in the Sea
Chapter 16 Marine Ecosystems 16:15-29